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Thunder Power 65C 4400 Battery Pack

Thunder Power 65C 4400 Battery Pack

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Item/Part # Capacity/Cell Count/Voltage Max Charge* Max Cont. Discharge Max Burst Discharge Max Charge Current* Max Cont. Current Max Burst Current Weight (grams)* Dimensions H x W x L (mm)** Notes Price Available
TP4400-6SPP65L 4400mAh 6-Cell/6S 22.2V 12C 65C 130C 52.8A 286A 572A 715 24 x 50 x 310 Long Configuration 224.99 Yes
*Max charge rate is possible when using approved charger and balancer combinations ONLY. Max charge rate is 2C when using all other combinations and 1C when charging without a balancer.

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