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FBL ROTORS FBL E5 S 12 S Battery Tray Kit

FBL ROTORS FBL E5 S 12 S Battery Tray Kit

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 FBL is pleased to introduce a unique battery tray for the Synergy E5S Series. The design was a collaboration of new concepts that would create a rail free approach and that would be strong enough for Extreme 3D. 

All of the components of the battery tray are made from Delrin and are either machined or molded. The unique properties of this material allow the tray to slide on the carbon base plate freely without marring the surface and being lite weight.

 The tray has four locations to place your Velcro straps based upon the battery location for CG. The underside of the tray incorporates a machined boss that holds a molded Delrin clip.

 The clip receptacle incorporates a set of parallel rails that interlock into the carbon base plate.

 All components are replaceable in case of a mishap.

 The benefits of the tray are:

  •  Easy battery installation and removal into the main frame pocket
  • Mounts on the the carbon plate with two supplied fasteners
  • Three attachment points within the carbon plate
  • Secure locking mechanism for extreme 3D
  • Minimal installation time

The kit includes:

  • Assembled tray with receptacle
  • 2- OEM Synergy straps 
  • 2- 13.5 inches of heat shrink tubing for making full stick packs

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